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Unofficial English Translation

The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Ministry of  Environmental Conservation and Forestry

Union Minister's Office

Announcement (26/2013)
10 Waxing of Tabaung 1374 ME, Nay Pyi Taw
( April 5, 2013)

Announcement regarding the cessation of exporting logs

1. With the aim to keep the forest resources long lasting and utilize them sustainably, the Ministry of  Environmental Conservation and Forestry ,  Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar has been undertaking to produce logs within the framework of   the  Annual Allowable Cut .

2. Therefore, among the measures taken to decrease production of logs within the country, the announcement to cease exporting logs was made  as an initial step with effect from  1 April 2014.

3. This announcement will take force starting   10 Waxing of Tabaung 1374 ME(April 5, 2013)

Sd/ Win Tun
Union Minister
Ministry of  Environmental Conservation and Forestry


At the invitation of His Excellency U Thein Sein , President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar  , Japanese  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife made a three-day visit to Myanmar from 24 to 26 May 2013 to strengthen bilateral ties. He was  also  the first Japanese Leader to visit Myanmar in the past 36 years.

During the visit, the two sides discussed cooperation between Yangon University and Nagoya University, cooperation in health system,  establishing Japan-Myanmar Legal Center, building infrastructures, investment for development of SMEs, assisting in technology and human resource development, making investment in and providing technical assistance to banking system, development of micro-finance system for farmers for development of the  agricultural sector, issues related to drawing Master Plan for Yangon City development , development of ring railroad system and traffic system and conservation of historical buildings in Yangon.

In the presence  of President U Thein Sein and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the follwing MOUs were signed:
(i)    An  MOU on human resource development scholarship program ;
(ii)    An MOU concerning upgrading of the Yangon City water supply system ;
(iii)    MOUs on giving new loans of 51.052 billion yen to Myanmar for three development projects, on forgiving 12.5 billion yen which is the remaining portion of the 60% of Myanmar’s debt to be forgiven and also on overdue 176.1 billion yen of Myanmar’s debt.

As part of the visit, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe  met with Noble Peace Prize winner Aung San Su Kyi and visited the port of Thilawa, the site of the future industrial zone and also paid a visit to Martyrs’ Mausoleum and Japanese Cemetery in remembrance of Japanese people entombed. While a sight seeing at Letyetsan post-primary school in Letyetsan village, he played tug-of-war game together with students. He, then, attended the Myanmar-Japan Business seminar and delivered an address. 

President U Thein Sein expressed his deep appreciation   for the Japanese Government and its people for their strong support to the reforms in Myanmar and continuous assistance in the economic development as well as Myanmar’s economy and development projects. Both governments agreed to promote the bilateral relations and explore peaceful cooperation in regional  and international as well.

The visit of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will be seen as a landmark in the new political landscape of Myanmar, strengthening the existing cordial relations between Myanmar and Japan.


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